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Organic Acerola Cherry Powder | Malpighia glabra

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Acerola cherry is a plant that is native to tropical regions of the Western Hemisphere. It’s also commonly called the West Indies cherry, Barbados cherry, or just simply “acerola.” It’s believed that the shrub-like plant originated in southern Mexico and the Caribbean.

Acerola produces cherry-like berries, but it’s not a true cherry. These berries are pleasant-tasting and have been used in modern and folk medicine. Traditional uses include treatment for liver ailments, diarrhoea, dysentery, coughs, and colds.

There is growing interest in using acerola’s vitamin C content as a supplement. There are many health and wellness claims made about this supplement, but not all have research to back them up.


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Acerola cherry is one of the best sources of vitamin C, having 65 times the vitamin C content of an orange. It is also high in vitamin A, which promotes good eye health and also neutralises free radicals in the body. Potassium found in acerola can help regulate blood pressure, balance mood, and maintain healthy heart function. It is a good source of folate, a nutrient that aids in the development of the fetus and helps to prevent birth defects. Acerola cherry is a great source of folic acid, which assists in healthy cell growth and works to prevent heart disease.

Possible Benefits:

  • fighting infection
  • build the immune system
  • rejuvenate body tissue
  • preventing cell mutation
  • fight chronic fatigue
  • High in antioxidant
  • promote production of anti-stress hormones
  • preventing hair loss and overall dental health
  • protect your skin against premature aging
  • promote good eye health
  • regulate blood pressure
  • effective in normalizing cholesterol levels