New Product Development (NPD)

As part of our broad commitment to assist our clients to get their products into the market faster, KDI Ingredients is offering a first for the New Zealand nutraceutical industry; a full range of Design and Development NPD services that will span the needs of our clients.  From product formulation to prototypes and lab-scale pilot production suitable for testing prior to committing to a full size production, KDI Ingredients is working to help you get to market faster.

  • Product Formulation
  • New Product Development Planning
  • Product Master Files and Document Preparation
  • Product Prototype & Lab-Scale Production

Get your formulation and NPD services for FREE, when you purchase KDI Ingredients.

KDI Ingredients offers a wide range of high-quality ingredients that can support your product formulation, however, you will not be restricted to using our raw materials.  If you do choose to use our raw materials in your formulation, your cost for formulation and new product development services will be deduced from future ingredients ordering, essentially meaning that you end up with your New Product Development for Free

Product Formulation

Once you own a formulation you can then shop that formula to contract manufacturers for the best price

Stand out in the market

We will create your own proprietary formulation that will help you stand out in the marketplace.  You will not be locked in with on contractor and can then shop your formula around the contract manufacturers, for the best price.

New Product Development Planning

Even a great formulation can still end up costing much more, and taking far longer, without a robust development plan

Avoid mistakes, which result in lost time and money

KDI Ingredients NPD Services include a production and pre-launch strategy.

Product Master Files and Document Preparation

The product master files are the production specifications that your manufacturer will need prior to production.

Part of your quality system

An essential part of a quality assurance program and the NPD process is document preparation.

Product Prototype & Lab-scale Production

Test your new product prototype before you commit to the cost of a full scale production run.

Assess your product prior to production.

Most contract manufacturers have high production run sizes. Better to check and test for product first.

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