Welcome To KDI Ingredients

KDI Ingredients was formed in Dec 2018  by Tony Dowd.

The new venture, KDI Ingredients will be based at the Waikato Innovation Park, Hamilton, New Zealand, with Tony Dowd as its new CEO.

Tony has extensive experience as a biotechnologist.

In addition to having a strong scientific background, Tony has developed an extraordinary record for commercialisation success with early-stage ventures.

What Makes KDI Ingredients Different

KDI Ingredients will continue to development of innovative, high-potency nutraceutical ingredients that provide the highest possible levels of bioactivity and potency.  Grant first wrote about this SUNSHINE Effect in 2011, for an industry publication sponsored by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise. High-potency nutraceutical ingredients from New Zealand grown plant materials occur because of the very high levels of UV sunlight in New Zealand.

The high UV sunlight has been shown to elevate levels of biologically active nutrients in fruits, vegetables and edible plants, and this is what makes ingredients from New Zealand produce,  demonstrably healthier.

Who Is KDI Ingredients

To create New Zealand’s first fully integrated New Product Development and Nutraceutical Design company for clients; offering a wide range of superior nutraceutical ingredients and the corresponding new product development resources to design and test prototypes, prior to production.

The philosophy is innovation with integrity.  Seeking new product innovation, while maintaining the highest standards of product and ingredient quality.  Clinical and scientific validation, and above all; the earned trust and respect from our clients and business partners.

The KDI Promise is to live by our philosophy and continuously deliver innovation with integrity to our clients.

Our Experience and Skills

Ingredient Development and Validation 90
New Product Development 95
Regulatory Approvals 85
Prototyping and Pilot Production 75

Meet Our Team

Tony Dowd
Tony DowdChief Executive Officer
Tony is a New Zealander living in Nelson with a BSc in biochemistry and an MBA. His career credentials include sales, marketing, business development where build a solid reputation for the successful commercialisation of new ventures He has spent time in the UK where he worked in finance and investment. Since his return to New Zealand Tony founded NZ’s first astaxanthin production company called Supreme Biotechnologies Ltd.