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KDI Ingredients also offers formulation and new product development (NPD) services

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Ingredient Supply

KDI Ingredients offers a wide range of its own, unique raw materials along with ingredient brands, direct from qualified manufacturers around the world.  The company works directly with raw material suppliers to inspect and qualify the ingredients prior to releasing them to our customers.  We work hard to provide the latest nutraceutical ingredients, so you can remain ahead of the market trend.

  • Technically and functionally superior ingredients

  • The best raw materials from qualified and certified nutraceutical raw material suppliers and ingredient manufacturers

  • Full technical information and product traceability with all raw materials.

  • An excellent range of organic and fair trade certified ingredients

Quality and Validation

We hold a broad range of validated nutraceutical ingredients and raw materials and can provide these with short delivery times in most cases.

Raw materials with critical storage properties, such as probiotics and enzymes, are maintained in our own refrigerated storage until they are shipped.  They usually are delivered within 24 hours of being shipped.

A technical product memorandum is offered for each ingredient.

  • Ingredients are rigorously tested and validated prior to shipping

  • A technical product memorandum (TPM) is offered for all products

Formulation & Development Services

KDI Ingredients provides product formulation and New Product Development services to our ingredient customers. The objective in offering these services is to help you bring your product to market faster and provide you with the option to chose your own contract manufacturer once the technical and regulatory work is already done.  There is a cost to this service, however, and this cost is generally deducted from your ingredient purchase once you proceed with your first order.

  • An “in-house” team of capable product formulators and regulatory experts will help you bring your product to market.

  • Trial and pilot production for lab scale sampling, assessment and product testing.

Branded Ingredients

Botanical Extracts

  • Lutein

  • Citrus bioflavonoid

  • Quercetin

  • Acerola cherry extract

  • Rhodiola extract

  • Pomegrante extract

  • Garcinia extract

  • Fenugreek seed extract

  • Lycopene

Speciality Ingredients

Some of Our Key Brands

See What Some of Our Customers Have To Say about Us?

They assisted in the later stages of product development. We have used these products, which they have significantly reduced our cost of goods

Hayden (Hamilton), PowerAmp Sports Ltd

They provided formulation and a production master file. They then project managed the original pilot production, which was a significant benefit. We also rely on them for much of our raw material sourcing.

Mukesh (Dunedin) , Sebacal Laboratories

We Offer New Product Development and Formulation Services

KDI Ingredients can assist in the development of new products for its clients. In addition to supplying ingredients,  the company has recognised a that there is a need to assist with the formulation of dietary supplements and nutraceutical products. The company has over 40 years of combined experience and expertise, in the nutraceutical industry. The founders have a had a successful track record at turning concepts and ideas into commercial reality.

  • Writing production specifications and product master files for your manufacturer.

  • Ensuring regulatory approval and compliance for your new product.

  • Experience working with the Australian TGA and ensuring that your product is formulated for market compliance.

  • Reducing your risk by undertaking bench-scale testing of your product formulation, prior to committing the cost of full production.

  • We have an excellent record of project managing the full production of our client products with several competent and highly regarded, contract manufacturers

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